Escape from Isil : Syrian prisons and safe houses overrun with fleeing jihadists (Part 2)


2017-12-03 / www.telegraph.co.uk

The messages from Syria ping on Aghiad al-Kheder’s phone all through the day and night. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, but he knows he cannot afford to ignore a single one. 

“Yes, no, no, I don’t recognise this one,” Mr ...

Escape from Isil : The British fighter who went to remarkable lengths to quit Islamic State (Part 1)


2017-12-02 /

The British Isil fighter was so confident he would make it out from Syria to Turkey that he packed little more than a change of clothes, a phone and a torch.

Shabazz Suleman had paid the right people: $1,000 (£750) to ...

In Egypt, Furious Retaliation but Failing Strategy in Sinai


2017-11-25 / www.nytimes.com

After militants massacred 305 people at a packed mosque on Friday in a stunning assault on a sacred place, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi responded as he knows best.

Mr. Sisi went on television vowing to “take revenge” and strike back ...